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How IPSAction Helps Principals

Question: Why would an Independent Public School call on outside experts to help with IPS accountability and improvement processes?

An analysis of what’s changed for a new primary IPS is useful in answering this question. The IPS status has created some real opportunities. However, the accountability demands are weighing heavily on a small and diminished leadership team. The loss of the time for level 3s has removed the only significant internal school support. And the central support system is decimated.

Principals have reported that as an IPS they appreciate the greater self-help flexibility, freedom and opportunity – but this is being counteracted by the increased pressure, higher expectations, greater scrutiny, far heavier workload, diminished resources, intense focus on the principal, and virtually no Departmental support.

In other words, primary IPS principals are telling us that they have more to do than ever before, with less support, both internally and externally. They are under intense professional scrutiny with public comparative analysis. And they are on their own. Principals report that they are tired - to the point of exhaustion because of the pressured workload.

IPSAction supports school principals by:

  • Doing the difficult jobs that principals do not have the time to do
  • Provide professional and personal support – everyone needs allies
  • Conduct agreed processes e.g. self-review
  • Reduce workload
  • Increase professional satisfaction