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IPSAction Team

Robin Clarke MEd. BA. Dip Ed. Grad Dip Ed Admin.
General Manager

Jon Cook BEd. BA.
Educational Consultant

Welcome to IPS Action

IPSAction provides specialised services to Independent Public Schools to meet the accountability requirements and reduce workload. The goal is to assist schools to maximise the opportunities for IPSs and to capitalise on the benefits. We also seek to alleviate stress and provide professional and personal support for our colleagues.

Understanding Principals

With over 80 years of combined experience in the WA education leadership, we understand the nature of the challenge facing IPSs. We appreciate the demanding workload and are committed to supporting our colleagues to reduce stress and create positive outcomes through improved school performance.


IPSAction has undertaken detailed research and has prepared a substantial body of ready-to-use documents, strategies and action plans. These tools assist schools in the production of customised Business Plans with SMART targets and realistic implementation plans. We help schools to extract verifiable data and analyse this data to demonstrate the effectiveness and improvement in school performance.

Affordable and Customised Services

IPSAction offers a range of services to help new and existing IPSs. The nature of the services we provide is entirely up to you. We are provide you with a free, no-obligation initial consultation to determine your needs and a budget that is right for you. Below is a list of some of the areas we can help to facilitate or go to our Services and Pricing page for more detail.

Areas IPSAction can help are:

  • Business plan: Preparation, writing and publication.
  • School review: Preparation, presentation and acting on recommendations.
  • Improvement plans: Achieving key targets.
  • Data: Collection, presentation, and analysis.
  • Self-review: Gathering information, analysis of data and deriving findings for evaluation
  • Facilitation of processes: E.g. engagement of stakeholders for self-assessment
  • Delivery and Performance Agreement: Addressing accountability requirements
  • Annual School Report: Research, documentation, alignment to Business Plan.
  • Professional Development: For teachers or leadership staff