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Accessing IPSAction Services

IPSAction is aware of the large range of school contexts, therefore flexible service access is available. You can explain what how you would like to make contact. You can contact IPSAction for initial discussion and obtain information –without cost and without obligation.

Nature of the Contact: We are aware of that principals are at different stages of development and therefore have different needs. We know that some principals are feeling the public pressure, higher expectations, greater scrutiny, and heavier workload. In this case we provide personal and professional support – just to clarify the issues.

In other cases principals may be excited about some educational innovations and would like a sounding board to bounce ideas. Many principals are overwhelmed by the workload, so IPSAction can do what principals do not have the time to do, and provide the necessary documentation and planning.

Resource Provision: Budgets have been cut and many schools are feeling financial constraints. IPSAction can assist with financial analysis, identify and mobilise resources and maximise utilisation.

Contact Options: Schools can obtain information by:
Office: 1300 669 810
Jon: 0417 741 144
Robin: 0417 987 462

Arrange a preliminary visit. You can choose a suitable, time, date and location. We would be pleased to provide a coffee in a pleasant setting.
Introductory workshop. We can visit your school and conduct a one hour workshop for the leadership team to demonstrate the services, products and the dedicated IPSAction website.

Discussion Topics: We are good listeners and will be guided by your needs. Essentially we are interested your stage in the IPS process. What are the sources of anxiety? Where are the workload issues? What are the pressing needs?