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About IPSAction

IPSAction has been developed specifically to help IPS Principals in Western Australia. Principals are telling us that the need:

  • Expert people to do jobs for them they just don’t have time to do themselves. For example: write business plans, analyse data, prepare quality publications;
  • Expert people to conduct important processes such as self-reviews that allow the principal to participate;
  • Expert people to design and implement improvement plans, to meet SMART targets, collect and analyse data, to determine needs and directions;
  • Expert people to assist with whole school curriculum coordination, with support programs to improve student learning outcomes, together with verifiable data.

IPS Action has the experts and resources to provide this support. There are significant needs, and IPSAction are set up to be a powerful response to these needs. IPSAction can do the difficult jobs, and increase professional satisfaction through the opportunities provided by being an ‘Independent Public School’.